Screw Feeders

2-screw Ribbon FeederIf your project calls for precise volumetric withdrawal of bulk materials from storage, a Sinclair Series 200 Screw Feeder can be the answer.

We specialize in engineered Feeder Systems throughout industry. Variable speed drive modules offer you the ability to “fine tune” the volumetric feed rate to match your process requirements. Variable pitch flighting, tapered internal shaft sleeves, tapered flighting or combinations of the above offer precise “mass flow” emptying of bins and hoppers.

Cone screw fabrication 2The Sinclair Series 200 Feeder offers such design features as:

  • Uniform or tapered screw diameter
  • Conical shaft sleeves for mass flow bin withdrawal
  • 95% flooded inlet sections
  • Internal shrouds or shearplates for flow regulation
  • Precise feed regulation
  • Carbon or stainless steel construction
  • Inlet agitators for flow assistance
  • Pre-assembly and testing
  • Custom Engineering
  • In this highly critical process area, our experience is your assurance