Specialty Conveyors

Wig wag driveIf you process ash, abrasive ores, hot billets, burnt lime, foundry sands, contaminated earth or hazardous waste, our Series 700 Apron Conveyors can be invaluable.

The Series 700 Apron Conveyor consists of a live bed of interlocking, overlapping heavy steel pans, driven by twin strands of chain and often supported on a live bed of outboard rollers. Totally enclosed or open frame construction is available to suit your needs. Material can be handled on a Sinclair Apron at temperatures up to 2000 degrees F.

Return Flights and Hip-Roof CoversSinclair can also furnish a conveyor mated to other process equipment. For example, we can provide belt conveyors fitted with suspended magnetic separation equipment to remove tramp iron contamination, or we can fit our conveyors with aperture-style metal detectors to locate both magnetic and non-magnetic contaminants. Reject devices are also available to provide a complete system.

Our engineering staff is available for consultation on your next project.