Live Bin Bottoms

Quad Screw LBBIf you are handling materials which tend to pack, bridge or interlock under pressure, the Sinclair Series 200-LBB Live Bin Bottom could be a valuable addition to your material handling system. Typical applications include:

  • Wood chip feed bins
  • Bark Boiler Feed systems
  • Centrifuge Discharge hoppers
  • Filter Cake storage bins
  • Dewatered sludge facilities
  • Contaminated soil remediation systems

FA feed chamber & shroud closeupThe 200-LBB is normally designed to provide either mass-flow or sequential withdrawal from large openings. Sinclair can include single or multiple variable speed drive modules in AC, DC or Eddy Current configurations. Heavy duty thrust bearing assemblies and shaft seals are standard. Materials of construction can be carbon, abrasion-resistant or stainless steels.

The discharge of the 200-LBB can be mated to a Sinclair conveyor system to transport the metered product throughout the process.