Hoppers and Bins

Bin Cluster 1Sinclair can also furnish our Series 900 Cylindrical or Square Surge Bins and Storage Hoppers as a part of our “sole source” philosophy. Bins and hoppers are available in carbon and stainless steels, as well as abrasion-resistant alloys, and in standard sizes from 1.5 to 300 cubic feet live capacity.

All fabrication is done with heavy steel construction and seal welding is standard. Accessory devices including bin level indicators, feed devices, ladders and platforms, bin vents and flow aids are available. Internal and external surfaces are custom finished to your specifications.

Our years of experience in the design of bulk material handling equipment and conveying systems guarantees you a high quality, low cost solution to intermediate storage problems.

Hopper with Agitator & Feeder DrivesStandard sizes in these hoppers ranges from 2 to 6 foot diameter, with live capacities up to 300 cubic feet. Excellent material flow and withdrawal capabilities are standard with our 60 degree discharge bottoms.

You have a guarantee of compatibility when Sinclair furnishes the hoppers along with the in-feed and discharge material handling systems.