Engineering Services

Engr 1Sinclair is a sales and manufacturing company, but equally important, we are an engineering organization.

We use Computer-Assisted Design software to integrate our years of experience with today’s technology. In response to the need for technical enhancement, we continue to add engineers and designers to our staff. Computer programs have been developed to aid in product design, and our Integrated File System allows rapid access to Sinclair equipment designs already field-tested and proven.

Our Engineering staff is overseen by a Professional Engineer registered in the State of Texas. We apply industry and engineering standards to insure that every job works right the first time.

Engr 2The ultimate goal of our Engineering Enhancement Program is to serve our customers by providing the best designs and the most efficient service possible.

At Sinclair Engineering, as throughout the B. W. Sinclair Co., our goal is simple.

We want you to be satisfied with the services and equipment you receive from Sinclair. 100% satisfied.