Bucket Elevators

Head ExBSSinclair Series 300 Industrial Bucket Elevators comprise one of the cornerstones of our business. We provide high-lift elevators with buckets up to 48″ wide. Our standard Engineering designs include:

  • Model 100 and 150 Centrifugal Discharge styles with buckets mounted on chain or belt
  • Model 700 and 750 Continuous Discharge chain or belt styles, for more gentle product handling
  • Model 800 Positive Discharge chain styles for consistent discharge of sluggish and hard-to-handle products
  • Model 900 Mill-Duty styles, both chain and belt-mounted, for high-volume, severe service applications

We offer all styles in mild or stainless steels, as well as abrasion-resistant alloys. We also provide various accessory pieces including OSHA-standard caged safety ladders, intermediate rest platforms, machinery service platforms, hoist beam assemblies and lateral bracing.

Boot IGTU InletA Sinclair Elevator normally includes:

  • Heavy gauge steel casings, seal-welded
  • Split removable hoods
  • Cam-Lock access doors
  • Pillow Block roller head bearings
  • Ball bearing screw take-ups (auto counterweights also available)
  • Match-marked casings for field re-assembly
  • Assembly fasteners and gaskets