Belt Feeders

HPIM0142Sinclair Series 500-VBF Belt Feeders are similar to our quality belt conveyors, moving material over endless belts supported by rollers or impact plates between terminal pulleys. But as the name implies, the 500-VBF is designed to feed or meter material from a flooded inlet zone at precise volumetric rates.

The Series 500-VBF includes manual screw take-ups, vertical full-length skirtboards for material confinement, and heavy-duty seal welded steel frames with deck plates. Adjustable sealing skirts are installed full length to contain the product and provide a dust seal when coupled with bolted or clamped top covers. A manual jackscrew adjustment vertical flow-regulating gate is integral with the skirt frame to allow manual control of the burden depth.

SkirtboardThe Series 500-VBF feeds uniformly throughout its speed range, and will handle any bulk material that does not exceed the maximum lump size recommended for the belt width and inlet throat configuration. Of course, elevated temperature materials or sticky products should be discussed with Sinclair.