Belt Conveyors

Enclosed Belt ConveyorDoes this set of requirements sound familiar?

  • Need to convey materials of many different lump sizes?
  • Need a conveying medium which resists corrosion and abrasion?
  • Need to keep annual maintenance costs as low as possible?
  • Need to convey material gently so that the particles are not broken?

If this looks like your current Project Worksheet, a Sinclair Series 400 Belt Conveyor is the solution.

GTU with TowerWe maintain an in-house staff of Registered Professional Engineers, Design Engineers and Equipment Designers to translate your requirements into a finished system. We can take complete system responsibility, or furnish your standard designs. Our supply can include:

  • Box truss or structural channel frame
  • Deck plates and drip pans
  • Jig-fit bearing-shaft-pulley assemblies
  • Idler and belting selection for your application
  • Dust or weather enclosures
  • Accessory structures, including walkways, machinery service platforms, support bents and towers
  • Gravity or screw take-up modules
  • Power transmission components
  • Custom surface prep and coating